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ZYYX Webcam Holder - Keeping an eye on your prints

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Description du modèle 3D

This design is for printing and mounting a D-Link camera on your printer. This is great if you want to watch your printer and the progression it’s making anytime, anywhere!

Paramètres d'impression 3D

The first thing you will need is a D-Link camera. We use the DCS-930L and the design we have made is for this specific model. You will also need to pick your preferred plastic filament, we recommend black PLA. The final things you will need is a good double-sided tape.

One of the designs, the actual holder, is printed with rafts and supports. After the print is done you will therefor have to remove the excess material. The ZYYX-tag is printed with without supports and raft to get a smooth surface so that the tape will stick better.

After you have printed the designs, place an appropriate amount of double-sided tape on the backside of the ZYYX-tag and stick it to the printer as shown in the pictures. Put the camera in the holder and mount the holder on the tag.

To start using your ZYYX Camera you will need to set up an account at MyDlink. With this you will be able to enjoy your printers creation from your phone, tablet or computer anytime, anywhere!

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL


The ZYYX 3D Printer introduces a number of novel design features that will take 3D printing to a new level: fume free, adjustments free and hassle free.
Focus on your ideas instead of on your printer.



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