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Chibi Mounted Lord Knight Knight Alina

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Description du modèle 3D

Lord Knight Alina | Ragnarok Online Fan Art | Chibi mini | chibi anime mini | chibi miniature | chibi dnd | chibi d&d | chibi tabletop | conçu pour être compatible avec des jeux fantastiques comme Super Dungeon Explorer et Arcadia Quest.

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



I love playing Tabletop games like D&D, but I always felt there was something missing–it just wasn’t quite Anime enough for me.

3D printing changed that for me. I could finally create the minis I wanted, and actually, my first five heroes are the characters in my own campaign.

With 3D printers becoming more common, my goal is to share my love of anime and tabletop gaming with the best community gaming has ever seen.



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