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XL-RCM 8.0 XYPHER: Mini foldable FPV quad H frame for V929/HK Q-Bot

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Description du modèle 3D

This is outdoor and indoor FPV flight platform, rigid and compact in design its category : XL-RCM 8.0 XYPHER
Designed to be semi "H" configuration frame it is foldable and compact very appealing looks for all multirotor enthusiast. Contructed to be slightly durable and structurally rigid than the old "XL-RCM 6.0 EXO", both however uses similar FPV hardware and power plant. Due to its beefy rigid build the quad surpising fly very stable and handles very agile under various windy condition (on GWS propeller). The placement of the camera makes the view more clear from propeller rotor obstruction. The flat board body and slim profile allow user to put customized mounting and other load under the chassis such as lighting kits, external HD camera and etc.
The rotor arm not only designed to be able to fold for compact storage purposes but also to swing away from inertial impact to reduce structural stress and damages. Each arm have lock mechanism to keep the arm in extended position. Ideally once fold it could fit into any narrow compartment such as cyclindrical biscuit cans or inside your bag.

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For more details and instruction check it at this url:
* Do take note i'm using Z-modeler to build this 3D parts so would look "cracky" on some 3d viewer but no problem during 3D printing.

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