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FGC-9 Buttstock mod

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Description du modèle 3D

J'ai ajouté une texture adhérente sur la crosse pour le FGC-9. et des tampons séparés au cas où vous aimeriez expérimenter avec différents matériaux. ou que vous aimeriez l'ajouter sur un matériau existant. ou simplement pour une meilleure adhérence de l'impression. tout cela dépend de vous.

  • Format du fichier 3D : 3MF et STL



I'm a designer for paintball team De BEER Clan. besides that do I also work as a artist on the TNSWO project. and do I make some paintball event logo's like from OMG (Only Magfed Events).

for now are the designs for free. but of course to keep the show going. is some form of support welcome. since it does take time and material to make all these things and it would be nice if I could keep on going doing this. so it's possible to buy prints or just send a donation or be a creator that creates useful items your self. to keep this community growing.

a other option to support me as well, could be to sell the printed designs you have printed from my designs with a profit for your self and send me a portion of that. I would consider that a win win. you made someone happy how cant print it them self's. you make some profit. and I see something of it in return.



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