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Hommes d'armes miniatures (nouvelle version)

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Description du modèle 3D

Une nouvelle version des Hommes d'armes. J'espère qu'ils vous plairont :)

Si vous les avez imprimées, veuillez partager quelques photos à leur sujet, j'aimerais beaucoup les voir !

Si vous voulez me soutenir et obtenir mes miniatures exclusives, allez voir mon Patreon :

Certaines de mes miniatures exclusives sont en vente dans ma boutique MMF :

  • Format du fichier 3D : STL



Hello, I am Juhász Gergely István, or Ilhadiel.

I am from Hungary and I have a big passion for tabletop games. This is why I started the 3D modeling hobby, so I can make my own miniatures. I can say now, that I am an amateur 3D artist. Please check out my creations, and consider to follow me if you like my work. I am going to publish more and more stuff.

I created a parteon:
I will publish exclusive miniatures for patrons, including a whole Foxmen army! Any support is appreciated!
I have a MyMiniFactury store too, where I put some of my Patreon models to sell:

I created a Discord server too, feel free to check it out: It is all about 3d printing, and king of war (since I love kings of war, and I mostly create miniatures for the game)

I post some pictures about my projects in my Instagram:



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