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Develop your project with ease

You are looking for a solution to make your project very simply? You need a prototyping?
Looking to enhance your creations during your presentations?
You want to make a bust from 3 photos or give an innovative image to your store?

Realize your project through 3D printing

Looking to understand how 3D printing can help you realize your project?
You wish to understand how digital 3D can be distinguished?
You want to get started in digital modeling?
Now you can model your logo in 3D automatically from a 2D picture.

The technical constraints are managed by our 3D advisors

You do not know what 3D printer, which material to use for an optimum print of your project?

The 3D digital services guide you step by step to the realization of your project. For that, only one thing to do: contact us!

Realize your project with 3D digital services of La Poste Group.

“With the support of 3D Advisors, materialize the projects started on Innovate and create in 3D and test your ideas among your clients to refine the business plan.”
“In relay with 3D Advisors, realize some counterforms, some packaging to valorize your objects during events or to animate your stands during tradeshows.”
“Thanks to 3D Advisors and on the basis of simple pictures, make a marketing tool to mark your customers or prescribers to accelerate your recruitment campaigns.”
“With 3D Advisors, make your prototype to finalize your product, to support a research project funding or to convince people joining your project.”
“In support with 3D Advisors, stand out with a unique trophy for the birthday of your company or during events or internal challenges.”
“In touch with 3D Advisors, improve customers loyalty with an object that use the image of your company or with a personalized object for your premium customers.”