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3D model description

1. Changed belt anchorage to the carriage. Requires 4 screws and 4 nuts less. The number of necessary plastic parts is reduced to 3 pieces. Reduced the size of belt anchorage.
2. Perhaps setting the tension bolt on the right, left or both sides.
3. Instead of plastic parts added to the excluded bend radius limiters belt.
4. Place the fan mount is moved closer to the extruder. Reduced overall size of the carriage. In the primary source for the fan region decreased printing.
5. The fan is mounted on a screw M3, rather than two.
6. Improved the installation location of clamps clamping LM8UU - they do not speak the dimensions of the box. For clamps beneath the gear extruder added notches. Toothed wheel does not touch fasteners. (The previous version of the picture, had to put a nut under the extruder to prevent grazing)
7. Added places to check boxes for the optical limit switches.

3D printing settings

  1. Print this item
  2. Drop support for the installation site belt.
  3. Remove the support in place of fastening the fan with guide pin.
  4. Install nut fan.
  5. Set LM8UU, fix their collars.
  6. Set the adjuster bolt and nut.
  7. Set the extruder.
  8. Install the bottom bracket to the printer.
  9. Fasten the belt. Establish details of limiting bending radius belt.
  10. Tighten the belt.
  • 3D file format: STL





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