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Windmill with integrated printed bearings

3D model description

This windmill is an prove of concept to show how printed bearings( can be integrated into designs.
It consists only of 3 prints which snap together. The only additional parts are the bolts to fix the part to the rainiling. I encourage you to addapt the design to your application therefore Fusion 360 and step files are included.

Do not use supports.

I printed this and will test how the bearings will perform on long term exposed to wind and weather.
Day 12.10.2018 Windmill installed, but there is no wind at all.
Day 23.10.2018 Finally wind and it is moving! Lets see how long it will last.
Day 24.11.2018 Wow, nearly 4000 downloads in one month. It is still spinning despite rain, strong winds and cold weather. The snap connetion to the blade bearing is a little bit loose, therefore I made an optimization study( In the next version I will implenet this and thinking about adding a coil and some magnets to power an LED. Lets see how much time I can spend...

  • 3D file format: F3D and STL





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