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Tire Valve Caps - Car / Bike Accessory

3D model description

Quick and easy print in your choice of color to accessorize your car or bike.... print a set in 'Glow-in-the-Dark' filament for a very cool effect at night.

With a well set up 3D printer this will print the very fine thread (0.75mm pitch) so you can screw them straight on in place of existing valve caps. This is a fantastic example of the fine detail that can be printed as the thread is clearly visible (refer images).

Refer to the instructions for printing details... this must be printed at high resolution (0.1mm) to create a clean thread.

The file includes a MakerBot M logo so MakerBot owners in particular will appreciate this print that demonstrates the accuracy that can be achieved by looking at the thread.

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3D printing settings

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure you get a good clean thread as it is 'very' fine but works great when printed on a well set up machine capable of accurate prints.

On a Replicator 2 this prints well as follows...

Raft: On

Resolution: 0.1mm / High

Support: Off

Shells: 4

Infill: 50% (...or more)

If you want to change the colour of the MakerBot M as in the images Z-pause the machine at 13.0mm through the print (on a Replicator 2 with Raft on... as that is approx. 1.0mm thick)) and change colors. On machines without a Z-pause feature you will need to pause it / change filament as soon as you see the M logo starting to print.

  • 3D model format: STL





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