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Teacup Dragon Puppet

3D model description

Meet the Queen of Teacup Dragons! She knows everything there is to know about the british ritual of high tea. However, she does tend to overindulge a little, as witnessed by her rotund appearance.

This piece was made particularly for the "Pet Monster Contest" sponsored by Makerbot and 3D Artist Magazine. I really wanted to make something that could act like a real pet - hence the puppetry elements in this design.

You can turn her head, and make her mouth speak by using the rod below her body. Check out this video to her in action:

If any of my designs for the contest win, I plan on donating the prize makerbot to our local maker space called DIYode. I have an UP! 3D printer, and I not only would like to have access to a makerbot per se, but also get others hooked on the wonderful world of 3d printing!

UPDATE: A couple of pieces of this file have been updated. There was a "slicing issue" that looked quite troubling because the bottom was slightly uneven (an artifact of boolean functions if yuh know what i mean). The issue didn't affect the print, but it did make a certain stage of printing a bit strange for some folks. The bottoms are now nice and even.

3D printing settings

I used an UP! printer to make this Lady, with .4mm layer settings and no support. As a result, it should also print just great on a Makerbot .. that said , I sure would love it if someone were to try to print it. It's important to me that it can be printed by everyone, and I know there are a lot you makerbotters out there. I'm especially interested to see if the thin horn portions print out ok.

Assembly is easy:

-Insert the vertical bar of the chin piece into the centre of the neck piece. It should move freely up and down with no friction.

-Snap the head piece down onto the top of the neck-piece where the little pegs fit into the holes of the head.

-Insert the horns into the holes on top of the head.

-Lower the neck down into the hole in the body and voila! You have a puppet.

Working the Puppet:

-Hold the puppet in the palm of one hand with the chin/neck post slipping through your fingers.

-With your other hand, work the post by either swivelling it to turn the head or pushing it up and down to make the mouth move.

I have included a full set up with all the parts, as well as individual files for each of the body parts.

  • 3D file format: STL





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