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Spring Loaded Target for NERF Gun Fun!

3D model description

NERF Guns are popular all over the world and used for a bit of harmless fun at home, around the office / workplace and outdoors. It provides a new sporting / competitive dimension to NERF Gun fun.

The target itself is a moving one piece print with hinges. The second part is a small flat strip of PLA that is used as a return spring. Both parts only uses a bit over 60gm of PLA at recommended setting (including Raft). As an alternative to printing a PLA spring you can cut a similar size strip of flexi / springy plastic from an old plastic container of some sort.

Allocate a specific number of NERF darts to each competitor and score their hits. This target makes it easy to see hits as it is spring loaded. You can hear a hit and see it spring back... then it pops back up and into place ready for the next shot.

The target is easy to mount. Either use a couple of screws into a block of wood, a wooden bench, shelf or fence then slot into place. This makes it easily removable if you want. The alternative is to clip it onto a bench, table or shelf using a large bulldog clip.

This is a great fun alternative to the usual 'human targets' NERF Guns are commonly used for... and it can become very competitive.

Please refer to the print settings and images for additional information.

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  • 3D file format: STL





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