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Spotlight GU5.3

3D model description

I needed a small spotlight for something and realized I had some nice LEDs with GU5.3 socket, ment for 12 volt.

Hardware needed:
2x small screws for fixing the socket to the skirt thing, I used M3 with a small head.
1x M4x15 or equivalent as horizontal hinge.
1x M3x12 or equivalent as vertical hinge.
1x M3 nut for the above.

You'll of course also need a GU5.3 lamp and the socket itself.

I haven't tried this with halogen lamps and I wouldn't recommend it unless they are very low power(<10W) or you print it with a plastic that can withstand higher temperatures.

Check my youtube channel to see how it was made and how to assemble it!

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  • 3D file format: STL



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