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3D model description

We asked our Facebook community what kind of planes do they want to see at an air show. They chose a seaplane, and here it is.

Idea submitted by Aaron Z. to the GE Air Show at

3D printing settings

  1. Print the float plate (contains left and right half of both floats)
  2. Print the left and right halves of the fuselage
  3. Print the propeller (using support material)
  4. Glue the float halves together - each float should have one solid piece and one with two holes
  5. Drill two 1/8 holes in each fuselage half at a 45 degree angle (couldn't model them directly, OpenSCAD winding order bug...)
  6. Glue the fuselage halves together
  7. Use 4 pieces of filament about 3/4 inch long to attach the floats to the fuselage
  8. Glue the prop on
  • 3D file format: STL



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