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Respirator Mask v2

3D model description

This mask, like many others, is designed as a fall-back to proper medical equipment in case of shortage.


  • Prints in less than 6 hours
  • No supports needed
  • Thin enough walls so that it can be cut with scissors and adjusted to fit with a hair dryer.
  • Optional filter cap
  • Improved / reduced back pressure thanks to large filtration area.

I make no guarantees that this mask will protect you from anything, even though that is my design intent. My main goal here is to share my design idea so it can at least be remixed or inspire someone with a better design down the road. Do your research about filtering media, and on how to clean a reusable mask.

This is a remix of my previous version I designed. After using my first respirator design we found that it was difficult to breathe through the three layers of paper towels.
(see remix source below)

On the inhale it was too hard to breathe naturally.
On the exhale the back-pressure would cause air leaks around the face seal.
The larger surface area of this design reduces these issues.
The mask however can still be printed in one piece.

Remix from:


3D printing settings

I recommend PETG. Thin walls allow for adjusting the mask using hair dryer and scissors, however this may require a slower print speed and a little more over-extrusion.
.2mm layer height.

The Mask Strap stl is meant to be printed in TPU (I used Filamentum Flexfill 98)
I also join a simple 4 way buckle (print in PETG) to attach the straps on the back of the head.

  • 3D file format: STL



I believe 3D printing and design sharing can reduce the environmental impact of product packaging and shipping, save countless hours of engineering time, and accelerate innovation.

...and it is a lot of fun!!!



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