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Replacement Outboard Motor Lanyard Clip

3D model description

A friend down the street broke a part off of the outboard motor on his fishing boat. I would call the deadman's switch assembly. He referred to it as the lanyard clip. Whatever the actual name is, he couldn't find a replacement part.

3D printer to the rescue!

A few caliper measurements, CAD work, slight tweaks for supportless printing, and 15 mins on the 3D printer and the boat is back in action!

3D printing settings

1 shell and 100% infill. Vapor polished ABS.

  • 3D file format: STL



Account for PrintedSolid. Your favorite online 3D Printer and Filament Reseller as well as a store front in Newark,DE.

Designs typically by either David Randolph or Matthew Gorton.



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