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3D model description

Stamp your things with a recycling code!

Inspired by a comment on this article suggesting we have a subroutine that printed a recycling mark on every part we make:

3D printing settings

Using Inkscape:
1. Set font to Bitstream Vera Sans, font size 144
2. Add text, press CTRL-U to enter unicode code number for the type of plastic, ABS is type 7 so it's code is 2679, press enter. See codes at
3. Select symbol, right click, object properties give it a name like recycle, click set
4. File -> Save As -> EPS, check convert texts to paths, limit export to object with id set in previous step
5. Run: pstoedit -dt -f dxf:-polyaslines recycle_7.eps recycle_7.dxf
6. Plug it into recycle_maker.scad, might need to play with the origin and scale to get it into a nice size, compile it to an stl and use something like Pleasant3D or ReplicatorG to center it
7. Now you can stamp it into your model like I did in recycleinate.scad!

PS: I had to simplify and remesh the dalek model in meshlab in order to get openscad to process it correctly. I put the recycle logo on the bottom, so download it or view it in thingiview in order to see it.

PPS: not all recylcing centers will recycle type 7 plastics, check with them to make sure they take ABS. Type 7 is a catch all code and includes PLA, but PLA isn't recyclable, it's compostable (in comercial composting facilities that is).

  • 3D file format: STL



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