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Raspberry Pi case

3D model description

Case for Raspberry Pi.
Derived from but with dimensions that fit my Raspbery Pi more accurately.
Wanted to clarify- there were several things I modified:
1) Merged lincomatic's version with latest from Hans.
2) Made the micro USB power connector hole about millimeter taller- otherwise it didn't quite fit.
3) Shaved 0.5mm off from wall which is next to GPIO hole- otherwise it did not fit next to GPIO pins (the pins themselves did fit, but pins have a wider base).
4) also, moved SD card hole a bit. Card reader was in a way of case otherwise.
5) Made the case mating walls longer- otherwise they break too easy.

3D printing settings

I'm planning to add two things to this case:
1) Some mechanism to better lock top and bottom together. I'm thinking of simple 0.5-1mm bits on outside of bottom wall and identical holes on the inside of top walls.
2) Vesa mounts.

  • 3D model format: SCAD and STL





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