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Printable LM8UU bushing v3

3D model description

This is my 3rd version of printable LM8UU bushings.

Prusa suggested to me that putting some spring/give in them could be a good idea, so I gave it a go.

They're more than strong enough to handle the forces they get subjected to, and as an added bonus they're far less likely to crack your X-ends when you insert them since they'll happily compress a little.

I replaced a set of my original bushings with these, they're still wearing in but seem to work great so far. It certainly solved the chatter problem I had!

PLEASE NOTE: ABS is not a suitable material for bushings. It's too soft so it has lots of friction and wears quickly. These printed in ABS would be a novelty only, not a useful part.

PLA works well, as will any other hard plastics.

3D printing settings

Open the scad file, enter values from your slicer particularly extrusion width.

render, slice and print!

You should print at least 4 at a time if not more, especially if you have a high perimeter feedrate (this model is 100% perimeters, no infill at all!).

cooling will be required.

Once printed, you may need to run them up and down your threaded rod a little so they're not so stiff.

Use suitable grease.

  • 3D file format: STL



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