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Pocket Watch and Chain

3D model description

This hunter style pocket watch features a watch body, cover, chain, and clip. It prints fully assembled without any support!

Check out a video of it in action:

We've included two files in this upload:

PocketWatchFinal is specific to our watch module (Check out the "Instructions" tab for more info).

PocketWatch_Oriented is a more generic watch case, and is intended to be a base to build off of.

3D printing settings

Do not print with support material!

PocketWatch_Oriented can be loaded into Makerware and printed straight away. If you are having trouble getting the chainlinks to stick, try using a raft.

PocketWatchFinal is designed to be used with the watch module found in this paper watch on Amazon. The first half of the watch is printed, then the print is paused, and the watch module is inserted. The print then resumes, enclosing the module within the pocketwatch. The print can be paused at around 7mm; this should be high enough to clear the watch module, but low enough that the printer won't start bridging the gap.

Note: We found that the heated build plate on the Replicator 1 was a bit too much for our little watch module, and it overheated to the point of failure. Keep this in mind if you have a Rep1 or a 2X!

  • 3D file format: STL





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