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Parametric Multi-Wrench

3D model description

Parametric, and surprisingly ergonomic.

Serves three purposes for me:
1. Learn OpenSCAD
2. Refamiliarize myself with basic modeling in blender.
3. Lock nuts.

3D printing settings

Pick out a wrench and print it, or modify grip_wrench.scad to make your own!

If you choose to adjust your own, download "grip_wrench.scad", "corner_bit.stl", "long_bit.stl", and "short_bit.stl". Otherwise, download a prebuilt wrench's stl.

Prebuilt wrenches:
- "imperial wrench" has six different common imperial wrench sizes.
- "reprap wrench" is a mix of metric and imperial sizes, intended to be useful for building mendel prusa repraps.
- "metric wrench" ... doesn't exist, because I don't have metric tools handy to use as a reference!
- "half inch wrench" has the same parameters as my original concept, and so it has two half inch notches and that's it.
- "ham hands" is the same as "imperial wrench", but with a larger opening.

Note: the notch sizes on "reprap wrench" might be wrong.

The opening in the wrenches is adjustable, as are all of the slots! The wrenches I compiled have an opening of 2.25cm by 8cm opening for your hand, with the exception of the "ham_hands" wrench, which is sized for someone with gynormous hands.

  • 3D file format: STL





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