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North Brand Respirator Adapters

3D model description

Here are some adapters that will fit on the North brand respirators. These are to help DIY'ers with getting creative to make filters and filter systems to attach to the mask.
There is 5 in total:
1. North Mask to 3M Filter (will require 1/8 foam gasket)
2. North Mask to 10mm Spigot
3. North Mask to 15mm Spigot
4. North Mask to Cap
5. North Mask to Pop Bottle (will require sealant on the bottle threads)

The one I actually needed, we ran out of North style filters at work but had plenty of the 3M style. So now I can use both brands on my North mask.

I recommend printing with abs and giving it a vapor bath to ensure it is an air tight seal.

If anyone requires any adjustments to these models or would like my original .blend file for them, just let me know.

It's time to start getting creative. Good luck and lets get through this COVID BS together.

BUILD & USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I am not responsible for any damage to personal property that may happen while using this model.

Please Respect the CC Licence. These are not to be built and sold for personal gain. Greed is humanities greatest weakness.

  • 3D file format: STL





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hmm. I did mine in pla with .2 height. I'm quite new to 3D printing so it's quite possible I did something wrong. I managed to hack together a version that works for me using your 3m bayonet with another's threading.

What resolution did you print it in? Different layer heights add a slight variable in the dimensions of 3D prints. It is especially noticeable when it comes to threads. I'm sure the thread will loosen up after you thread it on and off a few times. I did mine in a .2mm layer height and the threads fit perfectly right off the print bed. I use Blender to do my modeling. When it comes to threads, I just basically measure the threads in a few key points on my mask (7700 halfmask) and input it into the software. I did check the threads on my mask and in standard it is a hashtag 16NC and in metric it is 1.5mm. This should be the same on your mask. If you have any Blender experience I can send you my source file to tweak the model if you want.

Thanks for this. I tried the 3m adapter, but the threads on the honeywell side were awfully tight on my 5500 halfmask. Can you please confirm what thread pattern you used?