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Mmmmmmmm Ice Cream

3D model description

This is a MakerBot PRINT not a real ice cream cone!

Ice cream can heal the world. We all love ice cream, so too, can we all be friends. Print it, have it, taste it.

3D printing settings

This delectable cone was printed with a Thing-O-Matic with MK7 at .27mm layer height and 30% infill. I scanned an ice cream cone piggie bank with 123D Catch to generate the model for this print.

Print the first file icecreamcone10 without a raft or support. It will break free easily from the base it prints on. Icecreamcone10 is the entire cone, you can either print it all out in one print with one color. Or you can swap filaments while printing the ice cream part for a great effect.

You can also, stop the print once the cone is done printing, and then print the ice cream top separately, and glue the two together. The ice cream top must be printed with support and a raft.

For the cone in the photo I took the last approach and I glued the two pieces together.

  • 3D file format: STL





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