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Mini Desk

3D model description

Mini desk or pen designed for an office, as it is designed to organize what is most often used when working on it.

It consists of three solid pieces:

-Upper: holes for pens (initially thought of in the most commonly used, red, blue, green and black, this way it is easier to locate the color you need instantly), hollow for notes "post it" or custom adhesive , and 2 holes for storing clips, staples, etc. It can also be used without the need for the base or the drawer.

Base: It is the piece that supports the top and stores the drawer

Drawer: Since many times you tend to store clips, notes and others in a different place where the work area is located, why not always have them on hand? :)

A good corporate gift not #MAGIGOO?

3D printing settings


Dimensions: 125,72x113,20x31,96 (mm)

Printing time and parameters: 14h and 5m vel.60 filling 30%

File type: STL


Dimensions: 127,82x115,36x35 (mm)

Printing time and parameters: 15h and 12m vel.80 filling 30%

File type: STL


Dimensions: 130,89x111,42x28,50 (mm)

Time and printing parameters: 14h and 3m vel.40 filling 30%

File type: STL

  • 3D file format: STL



Soy un diseñador y maker que ama esos largos momentos creando y reparando diseños 3D.
Suelo trabajar con Sketchup,Thinkercad,3DS y poseo dos impresoras,una Infitary M-505 y una Anet A8 Plus,cualquier duda o petición no dudes en contactarme.



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