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Microscope Slide Sample Chambers and Liquid Rings

3D model description

This design is a set of simple slide sample chambers and liquid wells/rings for use in exploring microscopy and science education.

Sample Chambers

The sample chambers are of various thicknesses and were designed to be used to hold live or preserved organisms between two standard sized microscope slides. The slide length and width can be customized. Use a simple piece of tape on either end of the slide to hold things in place. If desired, use petroleum jelly or soft paraffin wax to make things airtight/watertight.

Liquid Rings

The liquid rings require the use of petroleum jelly or soft paraffin wax to adhere the rings to the slide surface and are intended to hold liquid samples for observation. A suitable glue could also be used to make the rings permanently affixed to the slide surface -- I do not recommend cyanoacrylate/super-glue as this will tend to cause the glass slide to haze over.

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL





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