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Miband Band Extension Plate - to register activity when cycling and using similar gym equipment

3D model description

The Xiaomi Miband is a popular low cost health band (i.e. wearable technology). Users may want this simple band extension foruse when cycling or at the gym using an exercycle (or similar).

Like most health bands the Miband features a pedometer (plus a range of other features including monitoring sleep etc.) and is usually attached around your wrist and functions through movement. So how does it track steps?

When you walk or run your arms swing and these devices register that movement... not steps. This is okay in many instances but one common form of exercise that these do not register is cycling or exercise on similar equipment where arm movement is not adequate to record a 'step' regardless of the physical exersion.

The simple solution is to attach the band to your ankle when exercising this way. The problem is, unless you have small ankles, the band is too short. These simple extensions will allow you to securely wear a Miband on your ankle so you can register every leg rotation as a step.

As ankles can differ in size quite significantly there are four .stl's provided to suit S / M / L / XL ankles. The difference between sizes is 7.5mm in length which is equivalent to one adjustment on the Miband strap.

Approx. extension lengths are as follows:

S = 15mm
M = 25mm
L = 30mm
XL = 35mm

But remember you can still use the standard holes in conjunction with this so pick the one that is about what you need from the middle hole on your standard band.

This small plate will print in just a few minutes to provide far more accurate Miband activity monitoring thereafter.

Note: I expect the same issues exist with most other health bands so the same concept could be applied.

3D printing settings

This is a small but practical print for Xiaomi Miband users. Print with PLA / Raft / Std (0.20mm) resolution / 3 shells / 35% fill.

  • 3D file format: STL





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