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MegaPed Servo I Brace

3D model description


This is my attempt to build a low cost 4 servo Arduino Uno controlled bipedal robot that is framed with inexpensive 3D printed “I Braces”; that can hold a standard servo and interconnect with additional braces to form various modular structures.

My goal in this project was to:

A. Show my 3yr old daughter that you can make anything you put your mind to!
B. Not break the bank (wife mandated)
C. Only run on 4 servos (to start with)
D. Stand >= 10” tall
E. Leave room for upgrades/reworks without scrapping parts
F. Give live commands to the biped
G. Communicate wirelessly (I have lots of extra Android phones laying around)

Watch it in action @:

3D printing settings

Check out my full Instructable write up @: for instructions and HD video of MegaPed taking its 1st steps!

  • 3D file format: STL





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