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Marino Mustang window fastener

3D model description

My friend bought an old Marino Mustang boat. Some of the clips that hold the windshield to the body were broken. So it was time to model a fastener and print it!

One thing we noticed is that the clips did not fit to each place. This is probably due to old boat and skewed windshield. In the worst place the old clip had broken off and the reson was probably misaligned windshield.

When installing the clips, please use the silicone rings between the window and clip. If not used you might get a cracked windscreen after some time...

3D printing settings

0,3 mm layer, infill 20%. I used ABS plastic. Could have been better to use ASA because it can handle UV-light much better than ABS.

  • 3D file format: STL





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