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MakerBot Webcam Attachment

3D model description

Have you ever wanted to watch your MakerBot print while you are away? Perhaps setup a live feed of your MakerBot? Or just want to add a webcam to your MakerBot? Then this will hopefully help you out.

The MakerBot Webcam Attachment (It needs a better name) is a printable mount that attaches your webcam to a printable arm which connects to the frame of your MakerBot. By setting up a VNC server on the computer controlling your MakerBot and attaching the webcam, you will then be able to control and watch your MakerBot from any computer in the world with internet access! Also, you could setup a web sever on that computer and host a live stream of what is print on your MakerBot.

Now the question is, Is this a MakerCam or do you have a WebBot?
If anyone has questions about setting up a web server or a VNC server, I'll do my best to answer them.

This is sized for a Microsoft LifeCam HD-5000 [ ], but can easily be modified for a different camera with the included SCAD file.

The last image is a sample taken from the webcam.

WARNING: As barrychuck brought out, running a MakerBot while unattended is very dangerous. I am not responsible for any damage or harm that occurs from use of this part. Use this at your own risk!

3D printing settings

Print out the following parts:
1x "Webcam_Clamp.stl"
1x "MakerBot_Clamp.stl"
5x "Webcam_Clamp Arms.stl"

Assemble the parts as shown in the 4th picture. You can use M3 bolts instead of #4-40.

Insert your webcam and attach it to your MakerBot's frame.

  • 3D file format: STL





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