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LED Hurricane Lamp

3D model description

A fancy lamp with room to add your own wiring to.

Improvements since the prototype:
1) Split up into four parts to allow for larger printing. Assumes a max build height of 8.5-9ish cm.
2) Base parts have threading so they just screw together. Top part is now printed upside-down to give it a nicer exterior surface.
3) Holes for wiring and adding switches.

3D printing settings

Before you do anything, print out "thread_test.stl", and make sure that they will actually twist together snuggly but without being forced. If they don't, you just saved yourself a few hours of printing to find out the same thing.

Next, ideally take a look in functional_lanturn.blend to get a feel for what sort of wiring and switches would fit for it. If need be, export the base without any of the holes for threading, export the appropriate mask for the bottom half, and use openscad or another tool of your choice to take the intersection of the two, and then slice out any holes you need for electronics you would desire to use.

Thread_test.stl doesn't require supports, but the rest of the parts do. Base_top and Vase_top may also benefit from a raft to keep parts of them from poping off the build plate while printing.

Last but not least, be prepared to waste a lot of plastic on support structures :)

Oh, and print the "vase" parts in something semi-transparent =) If you want, that is.

  • 3D model format: STL





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