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Laser cut Ethernet shield / Arduino enclosure

Download free 3D printing models Laser cut Ethernet shield / Arduino enclosure, UrgnarbDownload free 3D printing models Laser cut Ethernet shield / Arduino enclosure, Urgnarb

3D model description

An enclosure for the Arduino and Ethernet shield that can be laser cut from sheet acrylic. Provides access to the USB port, DC jack, Ethernet port, SD card slot, reset button, and pin headers.

The enclosure is based on the standard Arduino enclosure:

It has been resized and has additional port cut-outs. Furthermore, the hole for the rest button has been moved to align with the button on the Ethernet shield.

The case was designed using measurements from an Arduino Uno board and a Arduino Ethernet shield v5.

Made at the London Hack Space:

3D printing settings

Cut the design from 3mm acrylic. Slot the pieces together - excluding the lid!

Slide in your Arduino board, USB port first. Secure the board to the base plate with fixings of your choosing. I used some M3 bolts with insulating washers. But you could use PCB stand-offs if you wish - consider the alignment of the boards with the port cut-outs at this point.

Attach the top plate and secure with four 50mm M3 bolts. If you are likely to be removing the lid frequently then an elastic band maybe more useful than bolts. Be careful not to over tighten as this may shatter the acrylic.

  • 3D file format: SKP





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