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Key Fob / 3D Demo Print - Interlocking rotating gears

3D model description

There are two .stl files provided. One has a provision for a key ring, the other is just the interlocking gear print which is a great example of what 3D printing makes possible. .

The design has an inner gear, 6 central gears and an outer ring also with teeth so they all have to turn together. Although there is a total of 7 inner 'separate' gears the design will not fall apart. It is a single print and each gear turns in conjunction with the others.

Just another unique fun 3D print that shows the potential this technology offers.

3D printing settings

The clearances of this file have been designed to suit a Replicator 2 but hopefully okay on most other 3D printers.

Print with Raft on, Std (0.20mm( resolution, 4 shells and 50% fill so it is effectively solid.

Once the raft is removed you will need to make sure each gear is free. Check them one by one then they should all turn freely but in conjunction with each other. They are geared together so if one turns they must all turn...

This prints really well on a Replicator 2 with minimal breakaway post printing. Very cool demo of 3D printing you can take with you anywhere as it's only 38mm in diameter. .

  • 3D model format: STL





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