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Jinghu (Chinese Bowed Instrument)

3D model description

Here is a Jinghu, a two stringed Chinese bowed instrument.

3D prints without supports! Works well and sounds interesting.

Short sound test:

Jinghu (Chinese Bowed Instrument)

3D printing settings

Body- 30-50% infill
Shaft- At least 50% infill
Tuners- 30-50% infill
Bridges- 100% infill

If you have a large enough printer you can print the whole shaft at once. I sliced it into 3 for those with smaller printers. Bond with super glue or JB weld after sanding the surfaces. The shaft can be inserted into the body possibly without gluing but you can glue anyway for additional stability. The top bridge should not be glued as it is adjustable. Same goes for the bottom bridge. Feel free to cut small slots on the bottom bridge with a utility knife to add sustain.

I used violin strings (D and A). However, A and E might be more suitable. I am not entirely sure of the traditional tuning of the instrument. However, I have read the two strings are typically tuned to a 5th interval.

As far as technique is concerned, I am not the one to ask. Have fun with it! Any feedback or design recommendations are greatly appreciated.

Jinghu (Chinese Bowed Instrument)

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