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3D model description

Hi Folk

i like challenges, so i decided to join the S.T.E.A.M. - MakeItFloat 

This is my first challenge thingiverse. So I started with my colleague to find a good mix of real solutions for transport of heavy Wight. We found something. This is the thirdconcept of our total 3 ideas for this challenge. Hopefully we have enough time to generate, print and test all 3 concepts.

Focus on this Concept:

1.Print less parts and support structures as possible

2.Carry load, we will use here also 2 Euro coins (diameter: 25,75 mm, thickness: 2,20 mm, weight: 8,50 g) - this was the idea but the design can not carry really a load

3.use less material as possible

i used for this design some templates from the nature, like the giant water lily. but this was round and i want to connect more than one. so next design from the nature is the honeychamber. bees start also at first with a round chamber and modify it to an Hexagon shape because it is the best solution for space management.

the bottom is open to save material and for more stability against waves. it can be linked with more shapes to extend the top surface, load,.. and also for more stability.

My first print was on a print area of 200x200x180mm with PLA. i printed 3 pieces of it with. i tested it and it toke 218g of load.

i will try to improve the shape and make some Pictures :)

Files, Instructions for assembly and print settings will come in the end.

Gerneally the design Looks good but it can not carry a lot of load. i think when i Close the bottom surface, it will work. but i have no time more for test.

THE END - 19.07.2015


Description changed - 19.07.2015

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