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HF3D Modulus: 3D Printed Plane

3D model description

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Greetings, the goal of this project is to have a modular platform that I can use to swap out different designs to test and have easy reproducibility/repair-ability.

Modular parts:
Motor Mount
Wing Mount
Landing Gear

Planned Modular Parts:
Tail Surfaces
Misc. Attachments

I am working on decreasing the weight of some of the parts, and strengthening other parts.

I have flown the plane twice now, with the first flight being in manual mode, and the second flight in FBWA and ACRO mode. The second flight ended with the motor vibrating the nuts off of the screws holding it to the motor mount, and subsequently ripping the motor mount apart. I have reinforced the motor mount, and hope to never forget to glue the nuts in place again (this is the second time I've forgotten).

Current Specification:
Span: 128cm
MAC: 12.125cm
root chord: 14cm
tip chord: 10cm
Dihedral: 2°
Wing Incidence: 0.6°
Area: 1552cm²
AR: 10.5
Airfoil: GOE430
Battery: Tattu 1300mAh 3S
Motor: Emax GT2218 1000kv
Prop: APC 10x6F
Mass: 1117g
Wing loading: 7.19 kg/m²
Fuselage len: 92cm
Tail length: 57cm
Flight Cont: Omnibus F4 Pro V3 running Arduplane

Additional Hardware:
°4x 64cm x 5mm Carbon Fiber Spars for the wings (I order from alofthobbies)
°M3 Bolts and Nuts various sizes (
° Low Temp RC Plane covering ( I used transparent and white ultracote, but if you can find something lower temp [like solarfilm] use it)

3D printing settings

Use the settings that work with your printer and material of choice.

Currently I print all parts with 0% infill with these exceptions:
Landing gear: 100% Infill
Wing Mount: 10% infill [gyroid]

  • 3D file format: STL





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