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Greenland relief model

3D model description

This is Greenland with and without the present day ice sheet. The ice sheet and bedrock topography come from etopo1, see also

3D printing settings

Same as my other relief maps, the DEMs and the STL generation software is public domain as far as I know. To print this model you have to tell your gcode generator to completely fill in everything in the model. This is the difficult part of printing the model:

First attempt I tried to trick slic3r but it left holes in the model

Second attempt I used Cura with a 25% fill-in. Perhaps it needs a little bit thicker walls, total print time: 5h 50min. I only get to see the printing defects after many hours.

Third attempt, back to slic3r and change the option to fill-in a full layer for every so many (20) layers printed, and that tricked the fill-in algorithm to reach the roof of the model which is what you need.

  • 3D file format: STL





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