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Golf ball generator

3D model description

Here are golf balls with different numbers of dimples. They are each provided in solid (need supports to print) and split-joinable versions. For the joinable versions, you may want to edit the tolerances in the scad file. My printer has pretty poor tolerances, so on yours the fit might be loose.

I haven't actually printed it yet. I expect that even the split versions will have trouble with the lower dimples, so you might want to add supports and clean up, or just not worry about a few damaged dimples.

The golf balls are generated using my approximate Tammes problem solver (for more information on the solver, see here). On Windows, you can download tammes.exe and then run from the commandline:

tammes -scad 336 > 336.scad

to generate an OpenSCAD file with 336 dimples. On other operating systems, just compile tammes.c. The calculations are probably too computationally intensive for the OpenSCAD file to do them.

See this video for the Tammes solver at work.

  • 3D file format: STL





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