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Funkey AS350 1/8-scale accessories.

3D model description

Accessories to finish the FunKey 600/50-size AS350 fuselage as a B3 with Dart landing gear.

Pitot01.STL - Pitot tube. Drill 2mm hole and insert a tube to finish.
Light01.STL - Anti collision light for vertical fin. Print clear.
Shield01.STL - Spacer for heat shield for tail shaft cover. Use soda can for shield.
Clamp01.STL - Clamps for landing gear steps. Print 4x.
Exhaust01.STL - B3 exhaust. Glue in place using the slot underneath and or insert a screw from below.
Step01.STL - Extensions for landing gear steps. - Vector files for the cockpit floor. I made mine from balsa wood.
Mirror01.STL - Large mirror for the outside mirror frame.
Cargo04.STL - Cargo swing frame, with necessary supports.
Cargo02.STL - Cargo hook upper part.
Cargo03.STL - Cargo hook lower part. Glue together with 02.
Bracket01.STL - Bracket for attaching cargo swing cables to the fuselage. Print four.
Console01.STL - Cockpit center console.
Instrument01.STL - Instrument panel. Also print the instrument photo in Instrument02.ZIP on paper and glue to the back. Scale the photo to 126.2 mm width.
Collective01.STL - Collective stick.
Sliding01.STL - Dummy sliding windows.
Cyclic02.STL - Cyclic stick part.
Cyclic01.STL - Cyclic stick part.
Pedals01.STL - Yaw pedals.
Seat01.STL - Unpadded bucket seat.
Seat02.STL - Padded bucket seat.
Cargo06.STL - Functional cargo hook.
Cargo07.STL - Cargo swing without support.

Hook video:

The functional cargo hook uses two M2x10 screws with nuts to assemble the hook mechanics, one #0x1 /8" screws for assembly of the cable to the latch and one #0x3 /16" to assemble the hook to the swing. One #0x1 /8 locks the PTFE tube on each end, in the servo mount and the hook. A 3 mm outside diameter PTFE tube goes from the servo mount inside to the cargo hook outside, and a thin steel cable runs inside to operate the lock. I used 0,6 mm cable left over from an ARF plane.

3D printing settings

Print in the orientation they open. I used no infill and no bottom layers for the exhaust.

  • 3D model format: STL and ZIP



Norwegian inventor/designer/cat owner.



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