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Floppy Boi - Articulated Robot Toy

3D model description

Articulated robot cat, joints are print in place, no supports needed.

The moving parts have a clearance of 0.5mm, which should be ok on most printers. I recommend printing at 0.12mm layer height or lower, as this is what I designed for. I tried printing at 0.2mm but found that some of the joints fused.

I designed it to be small, but this also means some of the individual parts are quite small as well. My printer had no issues with this, though its something to keep in mind when you print. For example, over extrusion, stringing, etc can really mess with the print-in-place joints.

All parts should snap together. A small spot of glue can help keep them in place - I used glue on foot pegs for example.

A few things I still plan to do:

Upload individual parts - for now its all one print. Fusion 360 doesnt have a good way to export groups, so its a bit time consuming to do so.

Add larger size - Ill have to adjust tolerances, but a bigger version could be fun.

Add build instructions - Ill do this when I have time. For now use the picture as reference.
IMPORTANT!!! In the picture, the peg on the top of the arm is facing in the wrong direction. This should actually be rotated if you want it to articulate properly.

STEP file has been included in case you cant wait for me to make changes, or if you just want to customize this.

  • 3D file format: STEP and STL



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