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3D model description


This model was created with the aim of helping people with a problem caused by a fracture, spasticity or problems in the tendons of the hand and fingers, through the rehabilitation provided by the dynamic splint. This splint is a product with universal measure, making the product flexible for any type of person who needs it. Being a product that motivates people for their successful recovery and rehabilitation, having a 2019 with a proposed goal on improving their quality of life.


The dynamic ferrule is made up of different pieces as can be seen in the images, which is why when making the union of each piece should be used instant glue to reinforce it.


Subsequently different additional materials are required in which the cost does not rise to more than $2 dollars which are:

-Rectangular spring: for the passage of the fingers giving support and grip when the rehabilitation is carried out.

-Circular spring: Spring or bands the adapted and progressive rehabilitation with its system of elastic bands.

  • Velcro double face: Measures 3 cm and 5 cm to hold the splint around the wrist and hand.

  • High comfort Foami to avoid discomfort to the direct contact of the skin with the plastic used.

-Safety pins to give the exact measure when stretching the bands and position (angle) of the fingers.

Depending on the hand to which the rehabilitation is going to be done, the splint should already be printed by means of the mirror option thrown by the printing software.

The only piece to make the mirror is the support of the hand splint and the piece for the thumb support.

3D printing settings

-No support required.

-Printed model 1 piece

-25% filling

-Layer height 0.3

-Temperature according to material

-Any nozzle can be used

-Print bed 200 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm

  • 3D file format: STL



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