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Feet for Didiesse Frog coffee machine

3D model description

I designed these feet for the " Didiesse frog collection" coffee machine (frog revolution is the same).
I made these models because my coffee maker was making too much noise during use, with these two models I was able to dissipate a little 'noise.

[I do not own the other coffee machines of this brand but from the site it seems that the feet I drew go well for others.]

I made two models, you can identify them with the following names:

  • Coffee: this is the second model. It is a copy of the original foot. You can print it and replace it.
  • Cover_cof: this was the first model. Very trivial. It is simply a cover that can be put on the standard machine foot. Applying these in all the feet I managed to reduce the noise by about 5Db.

My advice is to use the TPU if the purpose is to reduce the noise (about 10Db less by replacing them all), or use the PLA in case of replacement.
I have printed both articles in TPU with 15-20% infill (gyroid).

With a sound level meter app found on Google Play I calculated the difference in noise (I know it's not very precise but I needed a way to measure noise variation).

In any case, these are the values ​​I found:
Normality: 70 Db
Standard foot + Cover_cof: 65 Db
My Cof: 59 Db
My Cof + Cover_Cof: 54 Db
(Remember that all values ​​are approximate)

I will try to make more precise measurements and design further upgrades. If you found my drawings useful, let me know with a comment below if you tried them and how they work for you, it's important to have your feedback! :)

3D printing settings

21 x 21 x 13,7 mm
1 gram
15% infill
25 mm/s
No support
20 min

  • 3D model format: STL



Hi, I'm Manfredi Laguardia, I'm an engineering student and a maker.
I started with an amateur 3D printing page called "3D Manfactory" which today has become 3D LAB Aproca.
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