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Ergonomic Plastic Bag Handle

3D model description

This ergonomic handle eliminates the problem of heavy plastic bags digging into your fingers and, instead, aims to evenly distribute the heavy load through your fingers and palm with its form fitting design.

I had thought of trying this idea a few months ago but never acted on it. Then, yesterday I was playing with clay and decided it would be cool to squeeze the clay in a fist and use it to create a handle that perfectly matches my hand.

It works amazingly well (and noticeably better for my right hand than for my left).

3D printing settings

Simply print and put your heavy plastic bag's handles through the slot on the top.

If you'd like to recreate the design for your own hand....
1. Get something malleable like clay and squeeze it to get the impression of the inside of your fist
2. Cut it up (or just use calipers) and determine the size of the ellipses at the 9 primary intervals
3. Sketch out the ellipses on planes separated by the appropriate distance
4. Loft them together to get your custom handle!

  • 3D file format: SLDPRT and STL





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