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Dragon Eggs

3D model description


This one is a previous version of Dragon egg boxes ( .

This is the first try to make an sphere but something went wrong with formulas and i get a 'egg'. Great!!, just add some spikes and i have a dragon egg!! Wooo!!!

Not developed as a box, just as a decoration figure. Based on a simillar algorithm (Phyllotaxis patterns) you can customize and generate many differents eggs.

For more info, please visit Dragon egg boxes ( and you'll find a comprehensive customizer explanation.

Include a ZIP file with many eggs generated during development and testing.

I used Makerbot Longhuo the Eastern Dragon ( and the cute dragon of bs3: ( for the pictures.

Hope you enjoy it.
Have fun!

3D printing settings


BQ Prusa i3 Hephestos





Resolution:0.2 or 0.3 works good. (0.1 if printing small eggs)

infill:15-25% infill it's good to avoid holes on roofs

Layers: 2 bottoms, 2 shells and 3 tops(to avoid roof holes)

Supports: printing the complete egg you´ll need supports. Some figures need supports due to spikes orientation

Printing tip:Use your slicer to make 2 half-eggs. See a mini-guide below

Printing Two Half-egss
Using your slicer to split eggs in two parts

I do this in big figures to avoid using supports, also the spikes doesn´t print well when oriented down.

I use Cura but most of slicers can do this

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP



Hi all! , I'm Fernando Jerez, computer science teacher, amateur designer and electronics noob.
Love procedural/generative stuff, robots, and all kind of 3D printable stuff.
Hope you enjoy my designs.

Contact me by private message: @ferjerez3d (Instagram,Twitter)



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