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Door Latch

3D model description

If you have a door, say to your room, that won't close then this is for you. My room used to be a living room. Someone threw up some plywood and called it a bedroom. Except it does not have a closing locking door.
Now at least it closes and stays closed.

3D printing settings

Print. Depending on how long you need your lever to be, print more or less "Lever Pieces." I used two knobs, 3 lever pieces, lever head, collar, collar minus arm, and latch.

All parts bolted together using m3 hardware, except for the knob bolt which is an m4 x 25mm. Design with those in mind as well. I drilled and glued the m4 into the knobs. I could have designed it accordingly, but forgot.

  • 3D file format: STL



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