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DIYbio Centrifuge V 2.0

3D model description

New version now available. See here for V3:


This is version 2.0 of our previous F.Lab DIYbio centrifuge:

Video demonstration is here:


  1. Incorporates 12V DC motor;
  2. microswitch for auto-cutoff when cover is open;
  3. high-res (400 sides) rotor based on:;
  4. rocker switch;
  5. extra space for Arduino Nano and;
  6. 2 cover options: solid 3D printed & for acrylic window (version pictured above).


It uses a 12V DC motor and a simple rocker switch. It also has provisions for adding in a microswitch and enough room for adding in a micocontroller (like an Arduino Nano) to add timing and cycle functions.

There is also 2 versions of the cover. One is a solid 3D printed cover. The other is printed in 2 sections and friction welded or glued together with a piece of acrylic in between to create a window (pictured).

The original SketchUp file (.skp) is included.

The rotor has been improved greatly from the low-poly original rotor thanks to the OpenSCAD model published by Thomas Kircher. His code has been slightly modified from around 200 sides to 400 sides and the dimensions slightly modified to be more even. The OpenSCAD code (.scad) is also included.

The spindle connector for the rotor is provisional. We're working on something better that will leave the rotor balanced perfectly. For now, it uses a sawed off 5mm diameter bolt and a nut glued into the spindle connector.

This is still in progress. Come back for the rest of the files, photos and video for the working centrifuge and links to build tutorials.

For more information:

  • 3D file format: SCAD and STL



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