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Differential Gears

3D model description

Differential gear is something that is pretty hard to understand. So why not print one out and see how it works!

Please print the connectors horizontally, this means when you put it in your slicer orientate it horizontally. So when you print the connector, it will have some flexibility to get snap into the carrier gear.


  • 3D file format: STL



I got into 3D printing when took Drafting and Design class at my high school. It is just fascinating to me how I can print a object of my design in my home. Instead of just looking at my design on a screen, I can now touch it and feel it on my hands. I personally consider 3D printing as a hobby like playing video games. So I made this account to share my design to the world and if you like my designs I'm happy. If you don't well give me some feedback.



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