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Cyclone PCB Factory v0.9.7 [added video summary]

3D model description

Video summary:

More info in

Download (Git): Now all the files are hosted in GitHub:

Cyclone (Circuit Cloner) is a design for a CNC mill intended for PCB manufacturing.

It is a work in progress, looking forward to your suggestions and improvements.

Special thanks:

3D printing settings

Work in progress, please refer to the pictures.



Bill of materials:


  • Using a thick wood piece as the main base.
  • As shown in one of the pictures, a cheap dremel-like drill has nice bearings and is a good option as the main tool. Finally it will be using a proper spindle (check the BOM for the reference).
  • Desired working range of >=100mm for the X axis and >=160mm for the Y axis.
  • Parts are designed to be printable with the small volume of a Printrbot Jr
  • Bed leveling will be done with probing and an appropriate software.

To-Do list:

  • [99% DONE] Design parts for the X axis (this includes Z axis too, will be using a proper spindle instead of a hand-drill)
  • [DONE] Design parts for the Y axis
  • [DONE] Create template for the screws in the wood base
  • Software, testing, milling a PCB (till then, it can't be v1.0 :P)...


Here is a compilation of links that I find interesting for the software controller:

License: CC-BY-SA

You are more than welcome to suggest/modify/redistribute :-)

Credit for the ideas used

The origin of Cyclone took place while I was inside the Panda CNC community ( This is from December 2012 to mid-February 2013.

Here is the credit for the ideas that were used:

Please note I have taken screenshots of the post that are on the closed G+ Panda community ( You can register and see by yourself.

All other development present on Cyclone has nothing to do with Panda and is not related to the Panda project.

  • 3D file format: STL





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