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folding ladder hook motorhome for 30 mm tube.

3D model description

The hook on the folding ladder at the back of my RV broke. So I did a two-part hook.

This hook is made for 30 mm diameter tube.

A part fixed to the top of the ladder by 2 screws and nuts inserted in the slots provided for this purpose.

Remember to mount the nut insertion lights downwards to prevent access to rain.

3D printing settings

Estimated printing time: 5h 13m

Material consumption: 25.81m (61g)

Printer: Zortrax M200

Profile: Last parameters

Media type: Automatic

Support: 20°.

Material: ABS-based filament

Nozzle diameter: 0.4 mm

Layer: 0.29 mm

Quality: Defect

Filling: Solid

Fan speed: Auto

Join: Regularly

External content: 0.00

Holes: 0.00

Surface Coatings Upper: 6

Surface layers Lower: 5

Lite Support: Yes

Bridges: No

First Layer Density: 100%.

First Layer Printing speed: 100%.

First Layer Flow Ratio: 100% First Layer Flow Ratio: 100% First Layer

The distance of the first layer: 0.42 mm

Raft Activated: Yes

Rafting layers: 7

Platform spacing: 0.19 mm

Raft Density: 100%.

Raft Print speed: 100%.

Raft Debit Ratio: 100%.

Printing speed: +0%.

Material distribution speed: +0%.

Filling of the top layer (%): 100

Filling of the lower layer (%): 100

Extrusion Temp.: 275

Tray temp.: 80

Shrinking speed: 36

Shrink distance: 0.8

  • 3D file format: STL



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