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Crack up your habit! Quit tuxedo

3D model description

Here's the safest way to quit smoking!

This is a dial lock cigarettes safe box based on a two digits - dual disc system. Except that the dialing top is unmarked, so each time you want a smoke, you'll have to crack the code, which will give you just the time you need to meditate on your resolutions, and help you avoid routine smoking.

Easy to print and to assemble. Only one lock disc (quit-smoking-6.stl) and the main tube (quit-smoking-1.stl) need a printing support structure.

For a tight fit of the lid, it's best to print this model whith 0.1 mm layers thickness.

Video assembly:


This is THE solution to stop smoking. This cigarette box is equipped with a lid with a code identical to those of safes. You will need to rotate it in one direction and then in the other in order to access the content. But where this complicates things, and that's the whole point, is that there is no useful reference point to be able to memorize the rotations to be made.

With this box, no more cigarettes that are automatically lit to keep you busy as soon as you have a minute to wait. Every time you want to smoke, you will have to find the code, which will give you time to meditate on your good resolutions.

Printing and assembling this model is very simple.

Only the inner disc of the cover (quit-smoking-6.stl) and the body of the box (quit-smoking-1.stl) require printing media.

It is recommended to print this model with a layer height of 0.1 mm for a better adjustment.

To see the assembly in video:


3D printing settings

Nozzle diameter: 0.4

Resolution: 0.1

Filling: 20%.

Support: yes

Raft: no

  • 3D model format: STL





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