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Columbus caravel Nina (1492)

3D model description

Model of Columbus caravel Niña - created from plans for wooden model from Amati and optimized for 3d printing.
Contains 103 different parts, total number of printed parts may be above 300 (zipped and uploaded in one file).
Some parts are in more variants (identical part number), try which is better for you.
Some small parts has variant for outline (vase mode) printing (better for standard FDM printers).
Model is not painted, only printed and assembled.
Ropes are from cotton threads (special threads for modellist may be better).
Parts scale is 1:100, but you can print parts in bigger size (easier completing) if you have larger printer. I have only 150x150 mm printer plate.
This is a scale model, not toy.

3D printing settings

Brown and coffee colors are ABS (most of parts), black, white and light skin are PLA (sails, grates, inscription and some small parts).
Using PLA for hull may be better (smaller deformations), but I have at home brown only ABS.
Most of parts are printed with 0,1 mm layer height, masts and yards with 0,05 layer height.
If you have problem with some small part, try it print in a bit another size (eg. blocks, tackles, sails...). But first try original size.

  • 3D file format: STL and ZIP





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wow, it is so amazing and nice, i love this.