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Cockpit kit fpr RC vehicles and ground FPV models

3D model description

XL-RCP 44.0 Cockpit kit : For Radio Control vehicle and ground FPV models
Please read the details at this webpage for more info:

So i made these set of kit for my ground FPV used to be added live in-cockpit style driving environment more immerse and realstic feeling inside both on-road and off-road model use with the presence of dashboard panel and functional steering. The kit consist of 3x main parts; base holder, dashboard and steering wheel parts movable via servo. So instead having just FPV camera pan around the emptiness void inside the cockpit by having real dashboard, steering wheel and additional driver figurine with arms and hands extended to movable steering column makes FPV driving more realistic and addictive like video games especially for all those scale wheeled FPV hardcore addicts.

  • 3D file format: STL



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